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5 Ways to Connect During Social Distancing (and beyond)

Article by Kari Pardue

Do you find yourself stumped when trying to think of ways to spend time with your loved ones? I know I do!

I can’t help but notice the concern and questions people are posing surrounding new policies in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Questions like: “what do I do with my kids?” and “how will I keep everyone entertained for days on end?”, even “how do I spend this much time with my spouse????”.

Instead of allowing panic, anxiety, and dread to set in, now is the perfect time to take a step back and look at this as an opportunity to reset and reconnect with yourself, your children, and your spouse! In this article, I’m going to share with you some ways to strengthen your family bond. Often, the best connections are made through laughter and enjoyment; through finding and enjoying happiness together as one.

Whether your family is in sync or still trying to find a way to understand one another, here are 5 fun and exciting ways to improve your family’s connection:

1) Sitting down and eating together.

It really is as simple as that. Numerous studies have proven that eating a meal together increases overall happiness, wellness, and family bonding. Most of the time, our days are filled with back to back activities, stress, and chaos. Dinner time is the perfect opportunity for everyone to truly wind down, relax, laugh, and spend time with the ones they love.

Establish a place where your family members can be open, honest, supported, and free of judgment. Make this a time to talk about each other's day, reminisce on old times, exchange ideas on common interest, and discuss future plans.

Bonus: great time for no technology/screens!

2) Take your family outside.

Social-distancing doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your house all day. Plan a picnic, take a walk around the neighborhood, or even find a local biking trail. Take your family out into the sunshine and let them explore! The outdoors are known to bring a sense of energy and life into your family that is just unmatched to spending time indoors.

3) Share YOUR childhood with your kids.

Showing your children a different, more relatable side will help strengthen your bond with them by creating a common understanding. Connect with them by sharing your favorite childhood memories, photographs, and hobbies. You can even read them your favorite childhood books and share stories about family members. If you’re looking to take a drive, you can even show them the places that helped to shape your childhood.

Not only will this help bring your children closer to you, it will also bring an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation to yourself.

4) Find a common hobby.

The quickest way to build a connection with your family is by doing something you all enjoy doing together! In order to find this hobby, you’re going to have to sit down and have a conversation with your kids and spouse. (dinnertime, hint hint ;).

Make this hobby a ritual in your family and precedent to it! Find a way to have FUN with your family at least once a week, even if it’s just playing cards on a Sunday afternoon!

Ideas: riding bikes, playing cards, making crafts, hiking, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

5) Invest in your romantic relationship with your partner.

I know this sounds impossible with everyone being at home 24/7. Now is the perfect time to get creative. Your relationship with your partner is an incredibly large part of your family’s happiness. It’s natural for parents to give up their own needs and wants for their children. Sometimes, the best thing for your children, in the end, is to take the time to cultivate your romantic relationship.

Don’t feel guilty for sending your children to bed earlier so you can get some one on one time. Use this time to watch a movie or show together, talk about your day in detail you can’t share with your children, or spend time doing a hobby exclusively for you and your partner.

Remember to stay positive and creative throughout this season of our lives. Use this time to reconnect and build strong relationships that will last a lifetime!

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